Washing Machine poster


"...An absolute must-see for anyone who values theater's extraordinary power"
The News & Observer | Read the full review (PDF)

"...A theatrical event you will never forget."
Classical Voice of North Carolina | Read the full review (PDF)

"What could easily turn maudlin and unsavory is made mesmerizing by Stuart, director Chamberlin, and actress Dana Berger, who gives a tour-de-force performance in this solo showcase."
NYtheatre.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"...audaciously entertaining...Chamberlin's superb direction is a knockout...actress Dana Berger tackles the material like a fullback..."
Time Out NY | Read the full review (PDF)

"All of the best elements within the production come together for a stylized climax... that is both powerful and moving."
Theatremania | Read the full review (PDF)

"...keep an eye out for Washing Machine. Though its run at the Chocolate Factory is over, it will surely turn up again somewhere and when it does, it is not to be missed."
Off-Off-Broadway Review | Read the full review (PDF)

Old Wicked Songs


"Old Wicked Songs at 1st Stage is astounding and among the best plays I have seen this year. "
DCMetroTheaterArts.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"Old Wicked Songs at 1st Stage gathers power in subtle increments....and captures the imagination."
The Washington Post | Read the full review (PDF)

"High accolades are due for the 1st Stage production of Old Wicked Songs, a play powered by a heart-tugging premise, precise high-caliber acting...that opens anyone’s heart to tenderness."
The Connection Newspapers | Read full review (PDF)

"Old Wicked Songs is a deeply moving work and it receives a top-notch production from 1st Stage."
DCTheatrescene.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"Old Wicked Songs is one of those rarest of things – a flawless production with tremendous humanity, and an emotional wallop you’re not likely to experience again."
mdtheatreguide.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"Director Chamberlin does a beautiful job creating the environment....that makes the audience feel cramped inside the tiny studio."
broadwayworld.com | Read the full review (PDF)

A Clockwork Orange poster


“This production of A Clockwork Orange is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Be sure to catch it before time runs out.”
Metro Weekly | Read the full review (PDF)

“Director Michael Chamberlin’s production is superb in every aspect…it’s a production so amazing and so exposed, the vulnerable audience, too, can’t help but feel reduced to nakedness.
DigitalCity.com | Read the full review (PDF)

“… once you’re inside… you’re in store for an evening that’s disturbingly entertaining.”
The Washington Post | Read full review (PDF)

“Chamberlin tightens the screws…staging a pair of rape scenes that build, one upon the other, to a genuinely uncomfortable intensity.”
Washington City Paper | Read the full review (PDF)

OPTIMISM! poster


"...a high-energy and highly inventive staging...Chamberlin's in-the-round staging...makes droll use...
of Spooky Action's church-basement space. And into all the scenic atmosphere, Chamberlin's actors bring an easy athleticism and a light touch with Edwards's rhymed couplets and whimsy.
The Washington Post | Read full review (PDF)

"marvelous adaptation by T.J. Edwards, who rewrites everything in witty, modernized couplets...the beauty of an in-the-round presentation is that you can see the smiles on the rest of the audience as it goes along as well."
MD Theatre Guide | Read full review (PDF)

"Chamberlin keeps the action moving in a choreographed dance of chaos that works well for the fantastical elements...the cast slides in and out of roles smoothly and effortlessly..."
DC Metro Theater Arts | Read the full review (PDF)

Harvey Poster


"...a fantastic evening of entertainment...with solid direction..., wonderful design and a talented cast." DCMetroTheaterArts.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"...director Chamberlin, and especially Taylor as Elwood, mine the timeless sweetness that has kept 'Harvey' alive and don't let it coy."
The Washington Post| Read the full review (PDF)

"...a charming and witty rendition that stimulates your imagination and keeps you rooting for Elwood...certainly one of the best plays of the year..."
broadwayworld.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"Directed by Michael Chamberlin, 'Harvey' has a cornucopia of stellar performances...making on-stage shambles into blissful entertainment."
Connection Newspapers | Read the full review (PDF)

Middletown poster


"The play engages and pushes, forcing the audience to question ourselves...under the strong hand of Director Michael Chamberlin, the excellent cast presents intriguing portrayals of Middletown residents."
DCMetroTheaterArts.com | Read the full review (PDF)

"...a very moving work as well as a slyly funny one...the production boasts a number of adept performances and scenic designer J.D. Madsen and lighting designer Brittany Shemuga have created a stylized suburbia that's handsome and even luminous."
The Washington Post | Read the full review (PDF)

"Middletown...is what 'Our Town' would have been if Thornton Wilder had made his characters hopeless, heartbreakingly lonely and a little psycho... the production and cast give a good account of themselves. Chamberlin keeps things busy; there are periodically several things going on at once, but never to the detriment of the story."
DC Theatre Scene | Read the full review (PDF)

"Playwright Will Eno's word wise play is a celebration of language and thought. Nextstop Theatre's show is an experience...quite mesmerizing."
mdtheatreguide.com | Read the full review (PDF)

Italian-American Reconciliation poster


"...a singularly successful evening, blending a terrific cast with deft characterizations. Mangia!."
MD Threatre Guide | Read the full review (PDF)

"Director Michael Chamberlin again demonstrates the sure emotional hand he brought to the rudder of 1st Stage's Almost Maine. He carefully threads the needle of maximizing the absurdly comic nature of the work while still helping the audience empathize with the character."
DC Theatre Scene | Read the full review (PDF)

"With clever direction by Michael Chamberlin, 1st Stage's production has it all – a knock-out set by JD Madsen you've got to see, stylish costumes by LeVonne Lindsay, great music and sound by Derek V. Knoderer, and Lighting Designer Brian S. Allard sets a very enticing mood."
DC Metro Theater Arts | Read the full review (PDF)

Porcelain poster


"Director Michael Chamberlin takes the power behind playwright John Cariani's work and
brings it to crisp, wintery life right before your very eyes."
MD Theatre Guide | Read full review (PDF)

"Performed and beautifully directed with love, talent and with a complete sense of theatre in the round...Michael Chamberlin directs his cast as a fine artist would draw or paint a masterpiece."
ShowBizRadio | Read full review (PDF)

"Almost, Maine...engages the imagination in surprising ways, and is clearly "a wonderful canvas for inspired directors such as Chamberlin."
DC Theatre Scene | Read full review (PDF)

Porcelain poster


“Tsunami Theatre Company’s delicate handling of a subject at once sensitive, explosive and tawdry is simply stunning…”
The Washington Post | Read full review (PDF)

“Under Michael Chamberlin’s skilled direction, Tharnpipitchai’s performance is a revelation…it’s a powerful play & Tsunami’s production, a beautifully rendered effort.”
Washington Blade | Read full review (PDF)

“… the director never cuts corners, taking risks that most directors would never dare chance.”
Metro Weekly | Read full review (PDF)

Fully Committed poster


"Actor Tim Dietrich once again delivers a side-clutching performance..."
The Loch Haven Express | Read full review (PDF)

"...Dietrich is a funnyman...seamlessly switching characters each time the telephone rings..."
Sungazette.com | Read full review (PDF)

Glory of Living poster


“… smart, intense staging of ‘The Glory of Living’ shrewdly directed by Michael Chamberlin…the Didactic Theatre Company production does justice both to the play’s seriousness and to it’s sensationalism.”
The Washington Post | Read full review (PDF)

“Michael Chamberlin’s pulse-quickening production uses that setting & the restricted world view of the characters to unnerving effect.”
Washington City Paper | Read full review (PDF)

Bat Boy poster


“Under the pitch perfect direction of Michael Chamberlin, O’Neill, Mauro, Kraft & Giordano provide hysterically subversive and vocally deft takes on their bizarre characters.”
Metro Weekly | Read full review (PDF)

“This swift moving send up of musical conventions & B movies is directed with tongue in cheek flair by Michael Chamberlin.”
The Washington Times | Read full review (PDF)

Kit Marlowe


"Marlowe is played like a rock star by Jon Cohn....Cohn's got energy and sex appeal...and the entire show (like a lot of Secondstage projects) has a rock-and-roll vibe. It's vigorous and irreverent..."
The Washington Post | Read full review (PDF)

"FORGET SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE... The Studio Theater Secondstage has done a splendid job with KIT MARLOWE...The result is a delightfully kinky,blood-soaked adventure that leaves your pulse racing and mind reeling. Add Jon Cohn to your list of rising stars to catch while you can..."
Metro Weekly | Read full review (PDF)